Birth to Three Room

Our Birth to Three unit is a light, airy large room, which is well ventilated and well heated. It is also split down into two main segregated areas, one for Babies, and the other for Toddlers and rising 3’s.
Lynette Starkey is the Manager of the room. Lynette is one of our longest serving employees and has been with us since 2000. She leads a team of experienced Early Years Educators and Teachers that has a great understanding the needs of these very young children, who will be working very closely with you to insure your child quickly settles in, feeling safe and happy.

Under 2’s

This age group are mainly looked after in the Baby area of the Birth to Three Room, where there are both mobile and none-mobile babies. It is an area that is well equipped with age appropriate toys, activates and books, it has both carpet and cushion flooring suitable for crawlers. They even have their own special outside play area of artificial grass, where they can play safely away from bigger toddlers. A range of cots & beanbags are used for sleep time and babies have their own special chairs when it comes to meal times.
Our Early Years Educators and Teachers are highly qualified and trained into caring for your very young child and work closely with parents to insure your child has the very best experiences in our care and meet the needs and requirement of both you and your child.
There is a minimum ratio of one member of Early Years Educators and Teachers to three under 2’s. Each child has a key person assigned to them by the team leader. They will take personal responsibility for the care of your very young child, recording their progress and development.
We do not keep rising 2 year olds for long in the Baby area, as soon as they are physically and emotionally ready we start to move them over into the Toddler area.
We know that it is hard to leave your child at any age but particularly when they are so young. But please be assured our Early Years Educators and Teachers are well practiced in helping both you and your child settle in as quickly as possible.
You can always ring just to check!

Toddlers – rising 2’s and 2 year olds

Children come into this area from any time after they are around 18 months old up until their second birthday. We move children across into this area based on their development and in conjunction with your agreement and it is a process that takes a period of time, so it is never rushed and lots of time is given to allow them to become familiarised with the other children and Early Years Educators and Teachers albeit many of them will already know your child as both toddler and baby Early Years Educators and Teacher work very closely together.

In this area we have selected a range of different activities, toys and equipment appropriate for this age group, which will enjoy as it will challenge them, entertain them, and excite them but most importantly help them in their development. They have often free access to our enclosed outside play area with its safe play surface and play equipment both fixed as well as mobile which help in their physical development.

It’s at this age when many children are ready for ‘Toilet training’. Again we work very closely with parents, both support as well as advice on this subject. We foster the child’s growing independence in this as well as many other areas of their development. Each child is uniquely different and that is how we work to meet their changing needs at the different ages and stages of their development.

Polly Anna’s is currently to only Early Years setting in Haxby & Wigginton that accept 2 year old children eligible to the Governments 2 years Funding Offer. Full details on eligibility are available at
Details of how we offer these hours are available here.

Children move over to our Pre-School building normally the term before their third birthday from Birth to Three. This transition isbased on their development and in conjunction with you. It’s a process that takes a little time, which allows the child to become familiar with the new rooms and Early Years Educators and Teacher. We bring them over in small groups with a member of the Birth to Three team who uses the time to introduce the children to the Pre-School staff and children. Many of the children in Pre-school with be known to them as these children would have been in Birth to Three only a few months ago.

In both Babies and Toddlers you will receive a daily sheet that contains lots of information as to what has happen during your child’s time with us in nursery. We will also have the opportunity to share information between us during the time of dropping off and collecting. There will be opportunities to talk to your child’s Key person as well as open evening, parents groups and learning events where you can gain valuable skills and information.

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