Pre-School – risings 3’s, 3 & 4 year olds

Opened in October 1997 and has been where Wendy Kersey, our long serving Deputy Manager and Pre-School Managerhas responsibility. Joining our team back in 1998 she has a wealth of experience of children in this age group. She leads a team of dedicated, qualified and experienced Early Years Educators and Teachers.

We work in close partnership with all the local Primary Schools (as well as other primary schools) to help make the transition to school as easy as possible.

One of our main aims in Pre-School is to build a child’s confidence, independence and self-reliance so that when the timecomes for them start Primary School they are well able to start their formal period of education from a strong and stable base. We allow children to make discoveries, test out theories, conduct experiments, build friendships and make relationships with their peers (many of these friendship will continue for life), hold conversations and ask questions of one another and adults, to take risks, to run & jump, to laugh & cry, to play, to enjoy, as Einstein once said ‘Play is the highest form of research’.

The Pre-School rooms are mainly furnished with tables, chairs and play equipment from Community Playthings one of the world’s leading provider of craftsman made wooden pre-school and school furnishings.

All areas of learning are covered within this area:

  • communication and language
  • physical development
  • personal, social and emotional development
  • literacy
  • mathematics
  • understanding the world
  • expressive arts and design

Children are allowed to free-flow indoors and out and to access the different areas of learning within both these areas.We have two outside areas, one at the front which we call our Kitchen Garden where children can experience the wonders of planting, growing, harvesting then finally eating their own grown fruit and vegetables. Also in this area is our very own ‘Mud Kitchen’ children love to get into this kitchen to make mud pies and baked mud bread. There is also a lovely quite reading area under the canopy for a focused group children.

The main outside play area is also easily accessible to children often in a free flow manner, the children themselves choosing to play indoors or out. There is a covered veranda area with benches, sand tray and resource boxes f full of age appropriate toys and equipment. The centre piece in the middle of the safe play covered outdoor area has the ‘tower’ with its climbing boards and rope ladders, challenge and exciding ideal to stretch both body and imagination. There is a range of both fixed and mobile pieces of equipment including music, water, and drawing. All equipment meets all relevant standards ofRoSPA and is daily checked under our risk assessment system for health & safety. We also have canopy’s covering much of the area this is so even when the British weather is doing its worse we can allow as much free flow play as possible.

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